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You need someone that you can trust and rely on every time to get ANY broken cellphone or broken tablet back to new regardless of the brand, make or model.

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If your phone or the service you need is not listed here, give us a call. We most likely can do that for you also!

Why Choose Us

Save Money

These days money is tight for most all of us and we don’t usually have extra money to replace our broken, lost, or stolen phone, tablet, or laptop, or have the patience to go weeks without these devices while they are trying to repair/recover them.

Save Time

At Cracked Up Mobile we understand the importance of having your device back in a timely manner so we carry many of the popular device repair parts on hand for same day turnaround time.

Lifetime Warranty

We repair ANY mobile device regardless of the brand, make, or model with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all repairs. Cracked Up Mobile, LLC does not guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty will not be voided and is not responsible for secondary breakdowns during or after a repair.

How we got started:

I cracked the screen of my HTC MyTouch 4G for the third time, just minutes after receiving it after waiting a week to get it and paying $150 for a refurbished one, on top of the $8/month for insurance. I have always been a tinkerer, often disassembling electronics to see how they function and are assembled. So I decided to buy the part myself and attempt my own phone repair. It certainly was not easy but I successfully completed the repair and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I continued doing repairs for my friends as a favor to help them save money and for myself, as I refused to use a case due to bulkiness and that it hides the craftsmanship of the device. I’ve always been told “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. After 3 years of working at a job taking me nowhere, I decided to do just that, and started Cracked Up Mobile, a mobile device repair company in February 2013.

Our Customers Say

Fast and Furious Service!
- Stan G. Jackson, TN

  • We have a 17″ Toshiba laptop that we kept under our living room chair. Apparently someone sat down a little to hard and shattered the screen. Assuming it would be too expensive to repair, we just let it sit for several months. I heard about Cracked Up Mobile and thought I’d give Aaron a try. About 3 days later, I got a call that it was ready!!! Perfect!! Excellent color and resolution. I couldn’t have been more pleased. For such a young company, I found the work to be excellent! The turnaround time exceeded my expectations. And the price? About a third to half of what others quoted. ​I would highly recommend Cracked Up Mobile for your next screen repair.

Aaron was a world of knowledge.
- Kami H. Columbia, MO

  • He made sure I got the correct part and took the time on the initial call to let me know why I was getting more for my money coming here. I will return for all my phone repair needs.

Excellent service.
- Jason H. Columbia, MO

  • Quick turnaround. Fixed my LG G3 in no time. Do not hesitate to let them fix you up. Can’t say enough good things.

Outstanding service that is second to none!
- Savannah S. Sedalia, MO

  • Repaired my phone the same day! Pricing was absolutely reasonable also. Thanks a million! I’ll bring all my future iPad/iPhone issues to you for sure.

Amazing fast service!
- Meg N. Columbia, MO

  • Super friendly and took less than an hour. It made my day to get my cracked iPhone fixed the same day!